"Ageless Sound, Timeless Spirit..." 

We Are Stories is about the heart and soul of rock music, with an unwavering love for music at the forefront of everything we do. Our journey as a band has just begun and is uniquely shaped by our individual musical backgrounds and a shared passion for making great original music together.  We just stay true to ourselves and hope to genuinely connect with our audience.

Ferni Lopez

//vocals, guitar

Ferni Lopez, the founder of We Are Stories, embarked on his musical journey in childhood, writing lyrics and recording melodies at a young age before picking up an instrument. As a seasoned performer, Ferni honed his skills as a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist on numerous Texas stages. He previously started two other original bands, Of Love and Justice (Houston) and Brother Sol (Austin), which made some ripples in their respective local music scenes. In 2012, Ferni began releasing his music as a solo artist, gaining some international recognition for delivering sincere and intense vocals, coupled with his ability to produce intriguing guitar sounds.

Craig Brumfield


Craig Brumfield, the drummer of We Are Stories, has been playing music for as long as he can remember. He started with his first drum set early in life, progressing to a musical journey that primarily took place in the venues of Northern California. There he played in hard rock, alternative, and blues-based bands Max’s Supper, Want for Nothing and DBA, fine tuning his rock-steady drumming chops through lessons from well-known Bay Area drummer Mike Vanderhule of Y&T. After an instant connection with Ferni and the music, he became the second member of We Are Stories.

Jeff Barnum


Jeff Barnum, the bassist of We Are Stories, joined the band after seeing Ferni's search for a bass player on the internet and tracking him down on Bandcamp. Although Jeff was a relative newcomer to the bass, he quickly expanded his skills, with performances through School of Rock and his cover band Surly Tom. With a music background from high school and college, Jeff has become a powerhouse on the instrument, providing a solid foundation for the band's sound with his melodic bass lines, while also adding some complexity and nuance. After playing together, everything started to click, and Jeff became the third member of We Are Stories.

Brandon Hatcher


Brandon Hatcher, the newest addition to We Are Stories, is a seasoned, versatile guitarist with nearly 20 years of experience, including lead/rhythm guitarist and vocalist for successful Houston cover band Whiskey Flight with a dedicated following. Seeking further growth, he then joined the progressive rock band Ever The Wolf, co-writing and producing an album in under a year. An accomplished and tasteful guitarist, Brandon has found a new musical home with We Are Stories, where he shares a strong connection with the other members and is excited about what the future holds.